Wednesday, March 04, 2009

2004 Le Haut-Medoc d'Issan

I splashed decanted, and let it breathe for an hour. It appears this Cab/Merlot blend is the 3rd label from Chateau d'Issan. The nose is predominated by a dusty minerality over traces of earthy sour cherry. The palate is a wonderful juicy black fruit, blackberry leads the attack and there are some floral/forest hints on the finish. Balanced tannins and nice acidity that brings out the fruits. I'm a novice Bordeaux drinker, this wine was not as complex as some I've tried (like the 2003 Chateau Bernadotte Haut-Medoc or 2005 Chateau de La Dauphine Fronsac) but at $15 I'll buy more and do recommend it.


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